A Scottish Blessing - Safe Journey Home in Scots (full version) Print

We're really pleased to offer this new but old blessing by Scottish writer Jimmy Rae.

Written in Scots, this version is the full version. Over many centuries, the Scottish nation has made an impact on the world far beyond what might be expected of a nation of its size and many Scots have travelled far and wide, making their mark along their way - exploring, pioneering, soldiering, building, educating and preaching.

Many people across the world can trace their ancestry back to Scotland and are proud of their origins and heritage. Scots are known for their passion, ingenuity, integrity, determination and bravery. Hopefully, you'll find that this blessing reflects the heart and soul of being Scottish.

This print is sold unframed.

If you would prefer a version in today's language, you can order it here.

Size A4 and A3

We ship to the USA, Canada and Australia. Change the currency at the top left of the page to see prices in your currency.

NB The blessing should be not be duplicated or performed without the permission of Jimmy Rae and SPUR Trading Ltd.


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