'Love' by Hannah Dunnett - Poster Print

Do you know someone who you could spur on?

We're really pleased to be able to offer Hannah Dunnett's work, which is ideal to use to encourage or to give... birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, baptisms, new home... whatever the occasion, you'll find a design that will be a real blessing to the recipient.

Hannah Dunnett's work has been described as inspired and gifted. Taking a theme or psalm, Hannah paints a beautiful image and then weaves scripture through it to create something which is both vibrant and meaningful.

Love is one of her popular creations - the image of the flourishing tree rooted and established in fertile soil displays God's desire for us to be rooted and established in his love. Hannah cleverly weaves words of love from God's word through the scene to present a picture which is not only beautiful but which also has power. 

This is an A3 poster.

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