As you will know, Liberia is one of the countries impacted by the EBOLA outbreak. This is a devastating situation - those infected by the virus are at high risk of death, there is no cure yet available and health care is limited. This outbreak is paralyzing day to day existence and any effort to re-build the country. Many aid workers (including our friend, Pauline Scott) have already left the country.

People in Liberia are in desperate need of our help and prayers. CAFMACP is one of the organisations that we support and we are having a special push to raise more funds to help.

We already have some products specially designed to support CAFMACP and we are adding our range of LTLYG and Mission Accepted t-shirts to that collection.

Buy one of these t-shirts and we'll donate the WHOLE amount to CAFMACP.

You can find out more about CAFMACP here.


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